Tuesday, 6 December 2016

On The Brink

And the horizon seems dull and bleak...
It's majesty that beckoned me to something nobler...
has encroached on my mortal expectations...
.............and it has taken THEM all away. 

The once said deeds and dreams.... 
are held in the parents loving arms, 
are held in the strongest embrace, 
are held with a forgiveness that God has bestowed upon me. 

And the horizon seems SO dull and bleak...
It's majestical colours vibrant and changeable...
It has encroached on my mortal expectations...
...............and it has taken it ALL away from US. 

I laid my foundation stones and honesty to this land! 
the labour of my efforts, what did I see! 
What spoils were granted to me, to us, to you?
What lavish riches fell upon your lap, was it so easily?

Do they ever feel shame? 

And the horizon is dull and bleak...
Its vividness blinding my... my silhouette, a void, on a canvas of oils! 
The years of learning expressed in innocence,
The years of expression wasted? 

We craved for the understanding! 
But my aged heart knew it in that embrace.... 
The swelling of my chest, bursting into tears....
.......................and with that final breath.............

the horizon is dull and bleak...
it kneels before my final step.
and smiles to the embrace, 
full of expectations and love.

Colours no canvas can have painted upon it! 

I gather myself one more time,
As I stand, On The Brink.... 

Monday, 21 November 2016

That Jolly Fat Man!

He brought my dreams to me and love in my heart!
IT IS a time of family and friends gathering in warmth, 
IT IS a time of giving and receiving in the hope of something greater, 
IT IS a time of merriment and GOOD CHEER! 
IT IS a time of reflection, with that wry smile and a tear in the eye, we think of those long ago's. 

IT IS a time of HOPE, FAITH & LOVE!

He brought my dreams to me and love in my heart, 
as I hurried down those stairs, excitement beating triumphantly!   
A moment pause, all the promises behind that door, 
my hand instinctively turning the living room light on, 
The glint and sparkle of the wrapping paper, the abundance of gifts on the floor! 
I smile with gladness and delight, but in thought, 
knowing how my parents were poor,
the abundance was for their children's delight! 

Giving, without thought for themselves. 

Hopping for better days! 

They brought my dreams to me and love in their hearts...
As I slept every day throughout the year! 
But the culmination of their love was in That Jolly Fat Man! 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Vanguard of an Age.

Where are they?

An age of greatness hidden in a library.
Coated behind drabness.
An Age of Enlightenment Hidden...
An Age of Greatness Hidden...
An Age of Wonder all gone!

Where is our Vanguard of our Age?
Where is our Future of Greatness?
Where is our Future of Wonder?
Where is our Enlightenment?

                                                                      It is hidden in small places,
                                                                               It is softly spoken in coffee shops,
                                                                                           It is being held in comfort because it is so fragile.......

Be tender to each other...
It's all we have in this world, each other.... without each other, we are stranded.

The vanguard of our Age is lost in the chaos of objectivity and economics.
The drab wallpaper hides them, layer after layer... we wait for that one person who will inspire us.
The one person who will hold our hand...
             .....................................................and take us into a future filled with promise.

and from the small places and coffee shops... there will rise our Vanguard of a NEW AGE.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!


It came from nowhere...ha
It was building within...
They didn't see it coming...
They stepped back in shock...
Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016

It was so unexpected...
It wasn't his character?!
They paused.
They halted.

He ranted. And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!

His words made no sense...
His logic had no reason...
His meaning was full of emotion... heart-felt... a cry for attention.
He banged on the table... "Aren't you listening".

They shuffled their papers.
They pretended not to listen.
They thought it inappropriate.
They didn't know what to say.

But they did listen. And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!

Frustration was giving birth.
It begins to tie a knot around conformity.
 But He Slashed It Wide OpeN!
And his soul began to bleed.

Then a hand of serenity and understanding...
Slipped into his hand. It was full of understanding and grace.
It soothed his being,
          His presence paced evenly...
                   She understood!
It was so unexpected that she would do that!

They witnessed. And the Moon was FULL and on HIGH!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Mother Earth

I fell to the earth, softly, caressed with love and tenderness,
my eyes slowly lifted towards the heavens, blinded by the lights,
the canopy above me sheltered me from years ahead of me,
the sound of mother earth, I longed to enfold myself into her and she in us!

But we were taken away by that which we know not off!

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
She whispered a segment of hope, now lost in the concrete wilderness,
our fractured Being, focuses on the hope of what the masters offer,
but we have been made deaf to our mother earth, she weeps and wails,
She stamps with fury! And we lay our hopes and promises on a cycle of hatred!

We have been stolen away from the wilderness of our dreams,
We have been made into elaborate slaves, imprisoned in gilded cages!
We have been lied too, conned, manipulated, tortured and executed,
for their sake! Have we forgotten what mother earth promised?

She sits waiting, ready to embrace us,
She is hurt from the abuse.....

We must rise from the tyranny of insidious control,
Wash away the suffocation that drowns our souls.

We stamp with fury.... she will hear our call, she will rise, and will lift us up!
We will break through the canopy that shaded us and view our dreams and promises!

Friday, 9 September 2016

A Thousand Miracles

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016
It came from nowhere,
It was so unexpected and cruel... 

That someone could say such words. 

But at the heart of such cruelty, 
Lies a deep pain that we have been untouched by...

It came from nowhere, 
It was so unexpected and kind...

That someone could say such words. 

But at the heart of such kindness, 
Lies a deep love that we have been touched by...

It came from nowhere, 
It was so unexpected... 

That the universe created us, we are its expression!

At the heart of such an action 
Lies a deep need..................

                           .................. and forever we will search for that need. 

Friday, 2 September 2016

Kyrie Eleison

Painting by Lorraine Rigby. 2016.
Kyrie Eleison!

The Violin trembles with excitement,
The Cello quivers with jubilation,
The Choir breathes with exaltation,
The Soloist smiles with self-assurance.

He comes from the wooden panels with a shock of white hair,
His priestly garb does not fool anyone, taking his stand!
The formal nods, unseen winks, knowing smiles,
They have bonded in months of relationship!

The Father of Music looks down with Joy!
The Children of Music wait with expectation!

Like lightening streaking toward our heart,
Breaking the mundane with the divine language!
Our quintessence is the exploration of our earthly beauty
We are propelled into the world were reality... stops.........

......................it stops for a moment
...........................................piercing reality and knowing God for the first time!

It transmits a divine enigma code.

               It evokes messages to our yet known self.

                              It filters through our emotions and joy is released!
The beauty of the divine child. Humanity!

Kyrie Eleison!