Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The world is a stage!

You should never sacrifice: your family, your heart, or your dignity....... when we fall and we will. And there is no one around. Pick yourself up slowly and gently - no need to rush, you're already on the floor. Breathe in deeply when you do stand. Let it out with wonder, aspiration, and mutter to yourself "What the Hell!". Find yourself again...it will take time! We all get lost. We all lose sight of who we are. When you have sacrificed your family, your heart and your dignity.... it seems there is nothing left.... and perhaps there isn't. Just slowly build yourself up and hold onto what is important, to that which makes you feel good, to that which makes you laugh, hold onto that which makes you feel loved. Life isn't a rehearsal.... the world is our stage and we have no script. Make your story a good one. But don't worry, no one has the script.... 

We thought we had the script when we were young. Oh, how foolish we were. The gentle and harsh arrogance of youth. The winds of life are on the horizon and our innocent youthfulness will be knocked, shattered and crashed upon the rocks of truth. For the truth is harsh, we sometimes swim against it, blending in the conventional world. But the tide has other things for us. We struggle against it and when the final storm comes and our energy is reduced to naught. We flail against those rocks. alone on the beach.... our family and friends are gone because they don't know you anymore, our hearts are broken because our hearts have transformed, our dignity laughable.... because society is full of convention and dignity can be wrapped up in this.

But there you are, on the floor. Draped in exhaustion. Nearly drowned in denial. Doomed for a moment. Many nights will come to you.... dark nights of the soul will venture through your being. But first...... you must rise from the ground, rise from the pit of despair, rise from your mistakes, rise again.... rise again.... rise again.... for this is our duty, our way, our inspiration for others.... God will be with you; be audacious, bold and do! 'To do' is 'to Act'......throw away the script you believe you must follow!  

Friday, 13 October 2017

the loss of innocence

And what is innocence?

The purity of being?
The fulfillment of obedience?
Following the rules?

What parameters do we follow?

The authority who is our controlling guides?

was Innocence the loss of our connection to God?
Who said?
...............................a text over 2500 years old?

The world is in need of a guide to release us from our postmodern traditional theological construct!

Phew..... I'm glad I got that off my chest,

I stand upon a New Mount.
a new mount with a new way.


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Hot Chocolate

The lady on the table had an attractive goblet,
the smell of its loveliness enticed me over.
To the bar, I went and ordered my Hot chocolate,
Jesus didn't have it this good at the Passover!

The barmaid said "I will bring it directly to you,"
with patience, the muses stirred for me to write this sonnet.
she brought the goblet as I was searching on Yahoo,
with delicacy and love she put forward my Hot chocolate!

This Goblet of Liquid Treasure was a thing of awe,
Both hands wrapped this as if they were in orbit.
And with measured pace, it poured down to the sound of "Ah"
Nothing in this world is as rich on a cold day than a Hot Chocolate!

The photograph was taken in Keith's, Lark Lane. 2017

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


There you have it!
Did Franco believe in freedom of the voting booth?
Was this Spain's dreary dreamy disillusion?
Did Franco believe in the dreams of the young and free?

When voices cry out for freedom,
when voices cry out for a different sovereignty,
when the fresh ink on parchment wishes to rewrite a new constitution!
Whose right is to oppress the voices of exploration and newness?

brave new worlds are born, like the coming together of a planet.
the supernova is about to happen......
and the beginning of new worlds will be created!
the beginning of a new way!
the beginning of the end of a broken system.

Its on the horizon!
Its There...........................you have it!

Friday, 6 October 2017

Gallant Knight

A gallant knight of Old,
Held his sword of souls.
He sat upon a rock of mold,
his armour cracked with holes.

Sorrowful eyes looked to the west,
behind him a field of horror.
No food or water will he digest,
only thoughts of being an explorer.

It came from behind, the enemy,
swallows knowing the final pierce!
all about ego and jealousy,
his breastplate shudders, the impact so fierce!

A gallant knight of Old,
drops his sword of souls.
He fell from the rock of mold,
his armour cracked with holes.

Tears fell from his blue aged eyes,
and held the assassin, with a smile.
"The truth will appear from your guise,
your actions are that of spoilt juvenile".

And he who left this world,
many will remember his good.
But for the few who came and curled,
around a campfire and cursed his sainthood!

Wide Blue Eyes Open

Clumsily she stares in wonder,
her smile affectionate and full of love.
She crawls with intrigue and curiosity,
her guardians of love embrace and play,

The guardians are touching God,
the purity of creation brought together in love.
The bundle of love and life has dreams to share,
she will sparkle with divinity.

We all sparkle with divinity.


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Las Vegas

O' Spirit Divine, I rest with you....

I rest with you not to understand,
not to fathom the tragic day that will turn into a field of sorrow and loss.

But I rest with you.....

May you come to me in times of human tragedy,
and temper the unholy feelings of revenge!
The seeds of anger will begin to take root!
The tears of despair will flow freely!

The mindless violence that grows with oppression,
the actions lost to know one to blame!

Spirit Divine, O' God!......... rest with us for a while so we can embrace a world with kindness, compassion and Reason.

May every person drop the arms of war, change the ancient charter and embrace into a brave new world which they did so many years ago!